Top Facts To Know About Best Free Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting is a type of service which allows anybody to post a website or the web page onto the internet. To visit the website on the internet, the services and technologies that are needed the most are mainly provided by the web hosting service providers. Websites are mainly stored on a special computer popularly known as the servers. In case the users want to view any website, then they need to type the required website address or domain into their browser. The user’s computer will then connect to the server where the website is stored, and the web pages will be delivered to interested users through the browser. There are several web hosting providers around the world.

Facts to know about the provider

One should expect below from the web hosting provider. Some of those services are:

  1. Email account: The hosting providers require users to have their domain name. One can create domain email accounts with the domain name and email account features which the hosting company has given.
  2. FTP access: The use of FTP allows one to upload files from the local computer to the webserver.
  3. WordPress support: This is a tool that is used for online website creation. It is a powerful website management and blogging tool, providing a convenient way to create and manage websites.


This is a challenging task to choose a good web hosting provider. One can take some help from to get an idea about this.

There are lots of features and companies to consider, such as security, speed, reliability, functionality, customer support, and ease of use. Also, some other critical technical features such as webpage loading speed, uptime, bandwidth offered, storage, website builders supported,  app integration, developer tools provided, and so on. Some of the top features they offer include:

  1. Money-back guarantees days starting from 30,45,90 to 97 days.
  2. Free SSL and the secure socket shell.
  3. They offer loyalty discounts for renewing customers.
  4. They provide dedicated, knowledgeable, fast customer service and knowledgeable customer service 24/7.
  5. Some of them also provide Linux and windows based hosting.


Every website is a prominent part of any brand and also a marketing channel. It must get the best feature and treatment to become a successful sales channel for any business. One should make sure that they must match it with the best of services in terms of hosting.