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Cannabis is an illegal commodity to possess and consume in most countries. However, there’s more to its story. Some of the compounds extracted from this have positive applications as well.

One of these is cannabidiol (CBD). It is a mildly psychoactive compound and helps to cure several ailments. These include anxiety, pain due to surgeries, pain due to cancer, etc. Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (also called Delta-8 THC) is one of the lesser stimulating compounds. Delta-8 THC is declared legal in most states, making it a desirable and safe source of pain relief and anti-depressants.

What are the different Delta 8 infused edibles?

Because of the increasing popularity and exponential growth, there are multiple brands of such edibles in the market as the Carolina Hemp Cabinet.

The most popular edibles are as follows:

  • Delta 8 gummies: These are meant to consume directly. They come in different shapes and flavors and perhaps, are the most popular out of all the edibles on the list.
  • Delta 8 THC oil – This is used to make other edibles like brownies at home. It can be added to the batter for desired effects.
  • Delta 8 flowers – This is also used in homemade edibles. They are unprocessed buds of the hemp plant and come in a dried form.
  • Delta 8 capsules are easy to consume (just like any other capsule), making them very popular.
  • Delta 8 soft gels – These are also very convenient and can be consumed just like the capsules.

Who are the big players in the market?

With the growth of the CBD industry, the competition is higher than what it was a decade years ago. There are many big names in the market. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Exhale Wellness – With no animal products and 100% organic sources, these provided the intended effect quickly.
  2. Budpop – Their products are 100% safe and made using legal hemp, increasing reliability.
  3. Carolina Hemp Cabinet is a reliable local store for CBD tincture oils, hemp flowers and prerolls, edibles, topicals, and smoking accessories.

There are many players in the CBD market, which leads to a healthy competitive spirit. It is always a good sign for customers as they get high-quality products for lower prices.