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The myths about Marijuana you should know

People have many wrong ideas about Marijuana. Today we are going to talk about some of the myths of Marijuana. Click here to know about buy marijuana.

Marijuana is addictive

If we talk about physical addiction, produced by some chemical component of the cannabis plant, then there is none. The truth is, the addiction that can occur is completely psychic, and it affects approximately 10% of smokers. However, it cannot be claimed that because this addiction occurs marijuana is addictive, since people who can become addicted to smoking cannabis would be equally predisposed to become addicted to video games, the internet, or even work. According to statistics, between 5 and 10% of people in developed countries are addicted to work, and nobody goes around saying that working is dangerous because it is addictive. Visit this site to know about buy marijuana.

Marijuana is carcinogenic

To say that marijuana is carcinogenic in itself is misleading, however, the smoke from smoking it, like tobacco smoke, contains carcinogens. However, there are other ways to use marijuana that are not risky, for example, ingesting it (generally in the form of Brownies or some other similar product).

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Also, the typical cannabis user smokes much less than a tobacco user, making it difficult for even a heavy smoker to have problems. In 2006, a study by the University of California, Los Angeles concluded that even heavy use does not lead to cancer risk. This study, and others done, even suggest that cannabis can inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. This does not mean that the smoke is harmless, since it increases the risk of bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Marijuana is bad for memory

Well, on the one hand, yes, the use of marijuana intervenes in the processes that involve the use of memory, so it affects short-term memory and hinders the formation of new memories. Now, here comes the trap that many do not say: this happens only during consumption. There is no evidence that it affects long-term memory, and short-term memory is only affected during the moment of intoxication, and not once the effect has passed. Some studies have shown that those who use cannabis frequently may have more difficulty withholding information, but this effect disappears if the person abstains for more than 3 months from using marijuana.