vanilla gift balance

Get complete assurance on your visa vanilla gift card balance!

Gift cards are essentially used for various shopping transactions. The endless possibilities of the visa vanilla gift card ensure that you can purchase all of your favorite goodies without any risks. Therefore, once you have the gift card with you, it is essential that you come to know the terms and conditions of spending it. You can use this vanilla gift card anywhere you like, for both online as well as offline shopping transactions. But before accessing the card for various purposes, let’s take a look at the steps for knowing the Visa Vanilla gift card balance.

The steps for knowing the card balance:

Once you start using the card, it is necessary for users to know the right method of knowing the balance as well. It is important that you stay concerned about your balance, so as to know its validity. Thus, the steps to follow for knowing the gift card balance are as follows:

vanilla gift balance

  • First, attempt to take a look at the back part of your card. Here, the card number is printed, which you should enter in the given box.
  • Next, enter your safety pin for the card. You should now accept the conditions and click on the setting options, titled, ‘’view my gift card balance’’. The entire balance gets displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure that the 16-digit vanilla card number and its security pin is in no way typed wrong. This will lead to error messages, thereby stopping you from showing your balance message.

Activating the gift card:

If your gift card isn’t activated, then it’s not possible to know the balance. Therefore, you should activate the card, either through the toll-free number, given at the back of your card or through the SMS service. While both the methods are convenient, make sure that you use the toll-free number for easy service. Once the card shows as ‘’activated’’, you can view the balance and shop online. Also, users can feel free to use the card for offline transactions as well, like paying at the supermarket, etc.