Devour yourself with Singaporean cuisine

            Food is something we all take great pleasure in, trying new foods from around the world. Getting impacted with new, and vibrant flavours is amazing. And if you’re ever in Singapore you have to eat the local food. They are authentic local gourmet dishes that will drive you wild.

What are the local dishes?

            So when you’re in Singapore these are some of the dishes you have to try; the Nasi Lemak, Crab Bee Hoon, Wontons, Har Jeong Kai Burger, and a creamy dessert the Durian Pengat and soft Gula Melaka Jelly. These are just a few of the dishes, but there is so much more you have to try. And don’t get carried away with the names, they aren’t crazy dishes, most of it is chicken, rice, and curry. So nothing too absurd.

Where you can you get them?

            If you want to enjoy these authentic local gourmet dishes the best place to go to is Sinpopo’s. It’s an authentic restaurant serving up some of the best dishes you can find in Singapore. You can get them at other restaurants as well, but this is one of the best. Or if you really want you can always search it up and make it yourself.

How much would it cost?

            So these dishes are at fair price, if you want the burger it’s only $16 dollars, and you can get the Crab Bee Hoon for the same price. And the jelly is only $8, so as you can see a pretty good deal.