google voice APK

Google Voice for your Android phone

Android users can now receive text messages and SMS thanks to Google Voice from the Android market. As a general rule, Google Android phones and tablets come with integrated text and voice mail applications, but additional services are a way to increase the user’s imagination using the simplest methods. All you need is a Google account if you have not had it before. After that, open the Google Voice application. If your device has not been pre-installed with the application, you can download it from the Android Market. Just follow the instructions to connect to your account, and after a few seconds it will be fine.

google voice APK

Unlike when Google Voice was able to notify new messages only at specific intervals of five minutes or more, you can now receive them almost instantaneously by activating the synchronization of incoming messages and in addition to that google-voice-access-now-supports-four-new-languages. To avoid sending messages to your phone number and receiving a message twice, go to the voice settings and touch the Update button and the Notification button. By choosing the synchronization, you will start receiving messages faster.

Another way to do it will be through Gmail

Go to the Google Voice website and, in the settings, select Voicemail and SMS. Enable the option to send voicemail and SMS notifications to your Gmail account. Therefore, you will be notified immediately after receiving voice messages or SMS messages on your phone.

Email notification option

However, if you select the email notification option, you may need to deactivate the voice application, as it will be redundant. As before, go to the voice application settings and click “Update” and “Notifications”, and then customize it to your liking. Create shortcuts on the home screen by adding a Google Voice switch to distinguish your phone numbers from Google Voice numbers when making calls.